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Who we are:

We are Spekk; a life-changing, world-beating, boundlessly modest, UK-based Paid Media Agency and marketing advisor. We create marketing strategies and advertising campaigns for some of the coolest brands out there – from start-ups to global leaders. With a young, talented team, Spekk is a highly stimulating environment for the talented and energetic.



What you’ll do:

At Spekk, we can’t offer brutal, back-breaking hours or compulsory rules on formal attire. We leave that to the prehistoric multinationals who’ll most likely forget your name by Q2 – or whatever those guys call ‘spring.’


You’ll become a key part of our business: strategising, planning & running ads for our clients, with a focus on social platforms. You’ll be responsible for the whole process from strategy to account management to actual execution (with support from a team around you).



What you’ll get:

At Spekk we essentially sell our skills and intellect to our clients. Our staff are our “assets” but also our friends. Which is important to us – and it should be to you too. We take on a small number of cool, brave clients, build them a formidable marketing strategy – and have a bloody good time doing it..


If there were one thing we’d say Spekk does best, it’s marrying strategy with creative execution. This is something you’ll learn about til your ears bleed. It’s also the most useful skill you’ll take away from working with us – if for some insane reason you ever decided to leave.


You’ll also get to work with some of the coolest companies in the world. We’re not just saying that either.


You’ll work with jungle festivals in Costa Rica, disruptive tech businesses, eco-educational institutions and the company that made Drake’s bed. Yeah, exactly.



Timings & remuneration:

  • Start date: Early 2024. Full-time position, in it for the long run.
  • We’re flexible around freelance/employment forms – we can figure out what suits both sides best.
  • Remuneration: £30,000 – £45,000 per year depending on experience.



Benefits & Perks:

  • Team trips to places like Barcelona, Nice and Mallorca (3 per year).
  • £500 one-off allocation for home office set-up.
  • Fully remote workforce with team members based in the UK, Sweden, Spain, Germany, France and Portugal.
  • Casa Spekk in Barcelona (our own ‘brand home’). Those who are based in the city can take full advantage of this collaboration space.



Must-have criteria:

  • You’ve run Meta ads professionally for 2+ years and Tiktok ads for at least 6 months (more than just boosting posts).
  • You have experience working in a small agency environment or in-house at a company where you were the only person responsible for media buying. We value people forced to create big things with small budgets and are well-versed in problem solving.
  • You’re highly proficient in written and spoken English.



Please apply if…

  • Your level of English is advanced.
  • You’ve also worked with other social ad platforms outside of Meta and Tiktok.
  • You consider yourself VERY strategic.
  • You’re a human calculator.
  • You’re the person in a meeting everyone looks to for answers.
  • You know how to manage clients – however annoying they can be sometimes.
  • You’re a doer in the real sense.
  • When you go to sleep at night, you dream of neatly organised spreadsheets.
  • You fall to your knees in despair when a comma is out of place, when a formula doesn’t add up, or when you’re missing a piece of a puzzle.
  • You can work during UK office hours (we’re pretty flexible, but for meetings we’ll need you to be around)



Bonus points if…

  • You’d rather spend your money on seeing the world rather than buying more of what’s in it.
  • You speak more than one language.
  • You are the person that always knows the new trends.
  • You have a morally and/or legally questionable story from your gap year to tell us.
  • You’d go to Burning Man over Coachella.
  • You can mix a killer mezcal cocktail.



How to apply:

Please send your CV and (super) brief cover letter to with the subject line “Media Buyer – December ‘23”.


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