What we do

How we sell things that are more complex.

Over the years we’ve found that there are

3 Core Services

that move the needle:

Paid Media Management
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  • We develop the strategy for how to best advertise your product on social and/or search platforms.
  • We take full ownership of the execution of the strategy through end-to-end management of your digital advertising.
  • We measure, report, test and iterate continuously to improve the strategy and keep up with daily changes in trends and algorithms.
Campaign Strategy & Development
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  • We work out what your campaign needs to say and establish the messaging framework
  • We generate the creative ideas and concepting to deliver the message(s) to the audience
  • Finally we develop a clear plan and timeline for how to roll out the assets for maximum effectiveness
Social-First Content Production
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  • Ideation and production of short-form video, animation and design optimised for paid social advertising.
  • Creator content management; sourcing and briefing on-platform talent to produce native Instagram & TikTok content suitable for ads.
  • Consultancy on how to adapt existing in-house content strategy to improve effectiveness for paid social content.

And this is
how we do it.

Humans x Robots

Thousands of agencies have a decent grasp of automation & programmatic tools. Which means none of them have an edge. Spekk combine right & left brains to make one giant superbrain.* We value our human creativity just as much – if not more – than the powerful tools we use to deploy that creativity.

*Imagine it floating there in a giant jar of fluid, gently pulsing with the warm glow of impending success.

Introducing Medium-Term Marketing


Get-rich-quick-schemes will spike sales, but they’ll damage your brand’s reputation. The sale of more sophisticated products or services requires a blend of short-term work to create an immediate pick-up, combined with a considered strategy designed to build your brand in the long-term. That’s ‘medium-term marketing’. And we invented it. Our mums are proud, albeit a little uninterested.

Integration & Iteration

We haven’t just included these buzzwords here because they rhyme. From start to finish, the work goes back & forth. Our paid & creative teams are constantly sharing & tweaking your advertising to make it more effective. This process of constant iteration squeezes the highest possible performance out of your ads.

But it takes
3 to tango

It’s not a principle until it costs you money.
We won’t work with businesses in industries like gambling or tobacco – we only take on products and causes we believe in.

If you’re set in stone, enjoy being a statue.
The best work comprises both ours and our client’s experience and expertise. If you’re open to change, come on in.

In a race to the bottom? We’ll sit it out.
If your product competes solely on the basis of being cheaper than the rest, we’re not the right people to help you sell it.


Let’s dance.

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