Paid Media Analyst: Festivals & Travel

journeyFull Time
contract TypeUK - Remote
application Closes17/7/2024

TLDR; find eternal happiness in a spreadsheet.



About the job:

High achievers, assemble. You have the following choice; get sucked into the violent vortex of a prehistoric multinational company. Or, help us sell tickets to some of the world’s most exciting festivals and travel experiences . Yes, you read that correctly.


We are Spekk; a digital advertising agency for high consideration products. We have a department entirely dedicated to the online promotion of epic gatherings; be it music festivals in the tropics, skiing experiences in the alps or personal development retreats on the coast of Turkey. As you can imagine, this department is growing quickly – which is where you come in.



Paid Media Management for Festivals & Experiences:

Festivals used to be sold by promoters and travel used to be sold by, well, travel agencies. But today, most of these transactions take place online. At Spekk we are experts in developing and executing the strategies that help these businesses get their experiences in front of the right people on Meta, TikTok and beyond. We help these organisers reach a larger and more diverse audience pool than ever before.


Part art, part science, part really, really rewarding; they say that behind every perfectly targeted advert is an absolute genius of a human.


Is that human…you?



What you would do in this role:

If selected for this role you would be joining our festival & experience department – responsible for driving results for all clients in this vertical. Reporting directly to the head of the department, you will be assisting her with anything from technical ad-setups to analysing large data-sets in beautiful pivot tables to preparing slides for the weekly meetings.


As you grow, so will your role. The growth path here is to get you more and more accustomed to the strategic work that goes on so that one day, you can manage your own clients. It may take some time to get there, but we promise it’s worth it. The feeling you’ll have looking out over a large crowd having the time of their lives knowing that many of them wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for you is unbeatable.



Who this role is for:

  • Rising stars within the world of paid media. While we will teach you a lot, you can’t start from scratch. We need someone to hit the ground running with at least one year of solid paid media experience.
  • People who dig deeper. The type of products we market are high-consideration, which means they have complex consumer buying journeys. A superficial understanding of a challenge or problem won’t cut it.
  • Both sides of the brain. The role requires both analytical and creative thinking, so you’ll need to be not just well-rounded, but more or less perfectly spherical.
  • Travel and festival lovers. Needless to say, to thrive in this role you need to have a real love for travelling, exploring and music. 
  • Really, really, really great people. We’re hard working and highly motivated, but we’re also here to enjoy our work. Ideally you’d be someone who looks out for others and revels in being social. The team mostly works remotely but we meet up on team trips all over the world.



What you’ll get:

  • The satisfaction of having avoided becoming a fossil at a prehistoric conglomerate.
  • Close contact with erudite seniors.
  • Complex, cerebral problem-solving for fascinating experiences– think SXM Festival, Yacht Week, Gottwood and Rise Festival to name a few.
  • The chance to attend festivals while your investment banker friends are slurping noodles at 2am somewhere dreadful like Canary Wharf.
  • The freedom of working remotely, but with trips every year to meet up with the team.
  • A meritocracy free from red tape or stupid barriers to your personal development – take Stephen as an example, he made Partner 4 years after joining as an intern.



Timings & remuneration:

  • Start date: Summer 2024. Full-time position, in it for the long run.
  • We’re flexible around employment forms depending on location – we can figure out what suits both sides best.
  • Remuneration: £25,000 – £32,000 depending on experience.



Benefits & Perks:

  • Team trips to places like Barcelona, Nice and Mallorca (3 per year)
  • £500 one-off allocation for home office set-up. 
  • Fully remote workforce with team members based in the UK, Sweden, Spain, Germany, France and Portugal.
  • Casa Spekk in Barcelona (our own ‘brand home’). Those who are based in the city or willing to travel there can take full advantage of this collaboration space.



Must-have criteria:

  • You’ve got at least a Bachelor’s degree.
  • You’re highly proficient in written and spoken English.
  • You have at least one year of experience running paid ads professionally



Please apply if…

  • You’re a human calculator.
  • You can work during UK office hours (we’re pretty flexible, but for meetings we’ll need you to be around).
  • You’re good at research – Googling, reading, generally figuring stuff out.
  • When you go to sleep at night, you dream of neatly organised spreadsheets.
  • You get good grades without memorising textbooks.
  • Everyone wants you on their team in a game of Monopoly. 
  • You fall to your knees in despair when a comma is out of place, when a formula doesn’t add up, or when you’re missing a piece of a puzzle.



Bonus points if…

  • You’d rather spend your money on seeing the world rather than buying more of what’s in it.
  • You speak more than one language.
  • You’ve spent time running ads on any of the other social media platforms.
  • You know how to make sense of Google Analytics.
  • You have a morally and/or legally questionable story from your gap year to tell us.
  • You’d go to Burning Man over Coachella.
  • You can mix a killer mezcal cocktail.



How to apply:

Please complete the form on selecting ‘ Paid Media Analyst – Festivals & Travel’ when prompted in the fourth question.


Please note, we are accepting applications up until 17 July 2024, following this we will then commence first stage interviews. 


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