Hästens • Case Study

Creating a lead machine for the makers of Drake’s bed

How we helped the world’s most luxurious bedmakers book more sales consultations than ever before.

Few brands are an official purveyor to the Swedish Royal Family, Charlie Sheen and Drake. Swedish bedmaker Hästens is – however – one of them. Having perfected their craft for more than 150 years their heritage is as long as their price tags. With beds ranging from $10,000-$300,000 purchase decisions are not made overnight.


Paid Management • Content Strategy • 
Social-First Content

Hästens • Case Study

Paid Media Management

“If you can get more people into our stores, we’ll take care of the rest”

The Hästens US team had cultivated an effective in-store sales program and it was time to scale it with more leads. The team had dabbled with social ads but did not see a positive return.

Spekk was hired to significantly accelerate the number of in-store consultations booked by affluent individuals who matched Hästens’ customer profile


To identify this highly-niche audience online and make them interested in meeting a Hästens representative in-store.


When we took over Hästens ad account the cost per lead was a 4-figure number. Needless to say, we needed to make comprehensive changes to turn this into an efficient and effective ad account.


After a few workshops with the Hästens team we were able to develop a strategy that would target a number of interesting segments with tailored content. Scoring the different segments on a “readiness-to-buy” scale, we deployed different lead-generation tactics.

The Sleep Guide

For the broadest audience that ranked lowest on the readiness-to-buy scale we created a Sleep Guide together with one of America’s most prominent authorities on sleep, Dr. Breus. By entering their email address, our target could download this PDF brochure and take a first step towards better sleep.

The Sleep Kit

We targeted a very niche audience of Hästens’
ideal customer profile with a giveaway.
In return for sharing their contact details with us they
got sent the luxurious ‘Sleep Kit’ including a pair of down
boots and a sleeping mask.

The Interior Designers

To complement the advertising direct to consumer we also identified interior designers as major key opinion leaders in this space. We executed awareness campaigns across Meta and LinkedIn targeting top interior designers to ensure Hästens was top of mind when they made recommendations to their clients.

The Sleep Consultations

Finally, for the highest-intent audiences we offered in-store sleep consultations. Potential customers were given a guided meditation, advice on their sleep and, of course, the chance to try out their dream mattress…




Within the first 12 months of working with the Hästens team we:
0 x

We reduced the average cost per lead by more than 10x 


high quality leads delivered to the Hästens team

$ 0
0 M

An estimated $2.7M generated in sales from our leads

Hästens Consultation Leads and Cost Per Consultation Lead

After trying 4 different agencies over a 16-month time period I was excited to finally connect with an agency that understood my entrepreneurial mindset.


Instead of trying to force-fit me into a category, Spekk invested time to understand my unique business and challenges. They not only built an incredibly powerful ad platform but inspired me to take other elements of my business to the next level.

Linus Adolfsson • Owner, Hästens Beds USA