Ecoversity • Case Study

From Netflix top 10 to Sustainable Business 

How we helped Ecoversity launch and scale their online eco-education platform

Ecoversity’s founders had only just begun their journey when they were invited by Zac Efron to feature in his Netflix show ‘Down to Earth’. The show aimed to highlight sustainable ways of living, providing the perfect platform for the Ecoversity mission – to bring permaculture to the masses through online education. Spekk was hired to capitalise on the attention and turn eyeballs into students.

Ecoversity • Case Study

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Help us grab this golden opportunity


Alexa & Stephen had already figured out their curriculum and built an online platform ready to teach new, sustainable ways of living. Being featured in a top 10 Netflix show gave them the only missing piece of the puzzle – awareness.

However, the leap from someone being inspired by a documentary to signing up for a 6-month educational program was intimidatingly large. How could Spekk help them harness this awareness?


The Ecoversity team wanted Spekk’s help with two major objectives:


Target and convert people who watched the show.


Turning webinar attendees into paying students


The webinar was the perfect tool to build the excitement necessary for someone to enrol in the more extensive 6-month permaculture design course. As a bonus, we were able to market directly to the thousands of people who attended the webinar.


Hooking the audience by providing more value


Once we had identified our audience online we served ads inviting them to a free webinar which promised a deeper look into what they had seen on the show. We segmented the audience and used specific hooks in the ad creative depending on their post-show action.


Predicting the behaviour of the viewers


You cannot target someone solely based on having watched a specific show. To reach these people, we created a prediction model of what actions they were likely to take after watching the show – allowing us to target them.


Generate new demand beyond the show


Driving decisions with an urgency-based launch strategy


Another key insight was that people tend to procrastinate signing up for online courses (sometimes indefinitely). Drawing on our learnings from the festival industry, we created time- and quantity-limited course launches that provoked timely action from potential students


Leveraging insights to create tailored content


A core insight was that many of our students were not satisfied with the status quo – both in their own lives and in their wider society. Together with the Ecoversity team we produced case studies illustrating the transformative impact of the course, and then turned them into assets covering a wide range of formats to suit different funnel stages.


Really getting to know our core audience


To find demand beyond the people who watched the Netflix show, we needed to start by truly understanding the motivations of those who attended the first course. Through extensive data analysis we generated meaningful demographic and psychographic insights that allowed us to model future customer personas.


Course launch #2




6 months later –post Netflix hype –we sold out a second course, while increasing attendance by 30%.

Course launch #1




The first course launch sold out all 100 spots in a matter of days.

Spekk wasn’t just a partner; they wove themselves into Ecoversity’s success. Their creative ingenuity, coupled with insightful and analytical minds helped us reach our goals and beyond. They’re a smart team and possess an incredibly ethical backbone—one you can rely on.

Alexa Rosenthal • Founder, Ecoversity